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Looking to expand my knowledge of artists/bands from a couple of non-Anglo markets.

I'm always on the lookout for new music and am trying to build a deeper knowledge base of artists in a few countries that are currently flying under my radar, specifically those based out of Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

My favorite types of music tend to fall in the electronic rock, alternative, & dance-pop areas, but I'm open to anything deemed worth a listen. If it helps, some of my favorite artists of the moment include Katy B, Vampire Weekend, Foster the People, Chromeo, Phoenix, Girls Aloud, Lenka, & Holy Ghost!

Artists recording in English (or whatever language) are fine; I'm just trying to find more acts originating in those countries than non-English music specifically.
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My advice is to have the moderators edit the first sentence of your question to specifically say "Spain, Portugal, and Italy" so that people familiar with music from those countries will be likely to click through and answer your question.
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There's some really nice indie-pop music coming out of Spain & Portugal these days, like La Casa Azul. They're on the Spanish Elefant label (no relation to the US Elephant 6) which has some other catchy pop bands from around Europe.
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