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What are the best Sporcle quizzes that don't show up on the Most Popular or Highest Rated categories?

Looking for the hidden gems, especially in literature, science, geography, language and similar subjects. Less interested in tv, movie, gaming categories, but hey, if you know a brilliant quiz in any category I want to hear about it. There are so many thousands of quizzes on offer but I'm finding it difficult to find the best ones outside of those few ranking parameters they give you and I can't think of a sharper bunch of people to beg recommendations from than y'all.
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Best answer: I made a Mefi quiz awhile back, and there's another one by jedicus for the 200 most active Mefites circa 2010. I also turned waxy's viral video backgrounds into a neat visual quiz.

The trademarked sounds one was fun.

There are a number of open-ended linguistic ones that don't have a lot of plays, e.g. words that start with "a" and end in "ation", all the three-letter words, four-letter words, etc. I find the the brain-racking aspect of these more interesting than the much more common ones that want you to guess specific words based on definitions.

In the same vein, there are a few mega-quizzes that cram thousands of possible answers into a few hundred ranges, which end up more or less like "name every X you can think of." For example: the 2000 best movies, the 4000 largest cities, the 5000 most common English words, the 2000 most common words alphabetically, etc.

Also, if you like geography, I think the countries of the world quiz on Jetpunk is far superior to Sporcle's version.
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I like the baby name quizzes. I've particularly enjoyed comparing popular names from the 2000s and names from the early 1900s. Then there's this one, which asks you to guess names that were popular in both 2009 AND 1909.
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Literal Chinese Animals -- shameless plug for a quiz by yours truly, but I think it's honestly a fun and unique type of quiz. More of solving riddles than knowing facts. (No knowledge of Chinese necessary.)

What Language Don't I Speak? -- identifying written languages

Things Meatloaf Won't Do For Love -- this one might not take you much time to complete, but I still love it.
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There are some great ones here. One of my all time favorites was the totally out-of-left-field USPS street suffixes quiz.
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I like the "In other words" quizzes, as well as the "name the countries with the most X, quizzes, like exports of stuff.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Great stuff.
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