Unimog engine oil: how much, and what kind?
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Unimog engine oil: how much, and what kind?

I´m rescuing a 1972 Unimog 404s from a barn. The engine is a gasoline straight-6, either a M180 or a M130. How much oil should I bring? What kind of oil? I´ve searched the Mog forums but can´t find this info. Thanks!
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maybe check out this chart: rockymountainmoggers.com/oil.html. That doesn't specify between the 130 or 180, but I would imagine that it's probably a safe bet to take about 7 liters of 30-40W oil for the motor + a new filter. Don't forget spanners/wrenches and a bucket with a lid for the old oil. you may to try turning the motor over with a wrench before hand if you're not sure if it's seized. You may want to check the transmission and differentials as well. Those will run you about 12 liters of 90W oil. All of this is assuming your going to try and drive the sucker out of the barn. I'm all for that, but if you've got a friend with a trailer and winch you may as well tow it home. hell, you don't even need a trailer. pull the drive lines, both differentials and just tow it flat (if this is legal in your area). best of luck, and post some photos!
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You should be able to get this information from any Daimler-Benz dealer. Even if they've never touched a Unimog, they should have access to this info.

If you want the service manual, you can get it from a local Unimog dealer or order it from Buch and Bild.

BTW: here's the 404 M180 maintenance schedule (self-link)
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Thanks for the answers — it turns out that the previous owner ran its engine regularly, and the oil was cleaner than what i've got in my car. I drove it out of the barn all right; but after the engine warmed up it started to lose power, so I towed it the rest of the way. Here it is sitting in front of my house. Now I need all sorts of mog resources, pdf service manuals, forums... I need to ID the engine, and especially the carburetor. So keep the info coming, it is all valuable to me, thanks!
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Zippy your faq is awesome, thanks!
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Unimogs are great -- good luck!
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