Opposites attract, then dress cleverly for Hallowe'en
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Suggest Hallowe'en costume ideas for an unusual-looking couple? He's white and very tall, she's brown and average-sized.

Him: 6'9" white guy. Very athletic build, big shoulders. Blond/brown hair. Looks about 35 years old. Calm, quiet personality.

Her: 5'6" brown woman. Athletic build, long black hair. Tiger Woods-type multi-racial background, so, with the right wig, she could be any race without it being offensive. Looks about 25 years old. Bubbly, outspoken personality.

The ideal costumes would capitalize on these differences in size and race, and maybe even reference our contrasting personalities. We're both cool with doing drag if need be. So far Calvin and Hobbes is the favorite- we like how it meshes with our heights and personalities- but we think we can do even better.

Aiming to be clever, non-offensive, and easily-recognizable in a liberal, urban, mid-30s party crowd.
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....Riff Raff and Magenta? The height differential isn't quite as pronounced, but it'd be hella awesome and people may not care.
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Sonny and Cher. Either he's Cher and you're Sonny which is fun or you're Cher and he's Sonny and it's even more fun.
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Sounds like Kim Kardashian and husband.
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Response by poster: One thing that's a bit hard to picture from the description above- the height difference is pretty enormous. Her shoulder hits around his bellybutton & her head hits well below his shoulder.
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...Gandalf and Frodo?
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Or Merry and Treebeard?
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Maybe one of these pop culture duos? I like Beaker and Honeydew.
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My tiny sister and her big husband are going as Fred and Wilma Flintstone. (kids, ask your parents)
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Scarface and the Ventriloquist.
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For some reason I immediately thought of Morticia and Gomez Addams, but with the genders reversed. It would be a shame to have to cover up the female's long dark hair, but I like the idea that the male would have to wear a long dark wig referencing the hidden hair.
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Alternate unverse Tigress Woods and Alan Nordegren?
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You sound like me and my wife. We were once Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat.

Obviously some potentially troublesome overtones, but it worked for us and she was entirely comfortable with it.
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Something Avatar-y?
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Since you're open to drag, Boris and Natasha. Rocky and Bullwinkle would also work the height differential, but doesn't map onto the personalities as neatly.
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Morticia Addams and Lurch? Beauty and the Beast? King Kong and Fay Wray?
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Response by poster: These are great so far, thanks, please keep 'em coming!

The costume doesn't need to be people or pop culture. An apple tree and an apple would work (well, that's dumb but you get my point). Maybe another way I could have phrased this question is,

Is there a funny combination of "Big Thing / Small Thing" that we can be?
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You could try just wearing each other's clothes.
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How about Grape Ape and Beegle Beagle?
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In the case of the Addams Family, the size differential is probably closer to Wednesday and Lurch. Wednesday is also awesome, and her costume can be quite a bit more forgiving in terms of fit and functionality than Morticia's.
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Foghorn Leghorn and: Priscilla, her nerdy and awesomely destructive son, or the chicken hawk.
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Carton of milk & a cookie!
Or Tom & Jerry if you prefer running around all night hitting each other with oversize fake wooden bats.
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EvaDestruction, the chicken hawk's name is Henery. (worked at Six Flags, learned a lot more than I needed to about supporting Warner characters...),

This works better if she can comfortably ride on his shoulders, but my 6-foot bear of a best friend and his 4-foot-7 wife have an adorable picture of them as Luke Skywalker and Yoda.
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The Doctor and Martha?
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Peter Pan and a (brown) Tinker Bell
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A crossdressing Boris and Natasha?
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Inspector Gadget and the dog (named Brain)
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Ripped from the front page: Fezzik and ... pretty much whoever else from The Princess Bride strikes the lady's fancy.
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From Abe Sauer's suggestion on this page - King Kong and the Empire State Building?

Noting that you are not a parent/child duo as indicated in the original article, but rather a partner/partner duo, it might play out like this:

Tall guy dresses up like the Empire State Building and constructs tall hat with Empire State Building characteristic top. Cardboard flat sides with windows on them (open a few and hang Barbie dolls out). She dresses as a gorilla (rental suits are available for this) can piggy back onto the dude dressed as Empire State Building for awesome photo op.

Lady King Kong also holds a Barbie. On top of Empire State hat, use hard wire to make two or three biplanes circling.
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I only suggest this because you state that you are open to capitalize on these differences in size and race. I did not intend to sound rude and hope it is interpreted as funny and non-offensive!
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