Need help identifying a font
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I made a basic "under construction" site for my wife's clothing brand-to-be. Now it's time to make tags, but I've since reinstalled my OS and lost the font...and can't remember for the life of me what it was. Can anyone identify the font? (Font sample inside)

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Have you tried using one of the font identification sites? Like identifont?
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I tried Identifont, but it gave me the wrong font result. What other sites should I try? (and, thanks)
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WhatTheFont didn't identify it either, but it made some very good guesses, and in fact one font which I suppose I could substitute and photoshop to make match the original. I'll give a try on the WTFont Guru forum and see if they can figure it out. Thanks, folks!
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If you didn't need to spell anything else with the font, it looks like your sample is enough to start with in Photoshop and make pretty much whatever you need. I'd do the Magic Wand on the white part, with Contiguous turned off. Then I'd smooth the selection slightly, and scale it to whatever size I needed.
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An additon to the above: the excellent potrace will trace bitmaps like these and automatically turn them into scalable vectors. I tried it on your logo as a test and it worked perfectly; have emailed you the result.
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Odinsdream: Good point. I've been trying this since you posted it, but I can't seem to get rid of the jaggies, which leads to:
Blag: Thank you! Now I'm reading up on how to use scalable vectors in Photoshop, but I think you've got my problem licked!
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The simplest way to do it from within your Photoshop document is:

1) File > Place
2) Find the eps file on your HD
3) Drag the resize handles to scale the vector
4) Hit Enter to rasterise the vector as a bitmap

You can then work on it (colour, filters etc.) as if it were a normal bitmap layer.
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You are the roxxorz. Worked perfectly. Of course, having the font would be nice (simplifies things a bit), but since I can now do whatever it is I need to do, I'll consider this case closed.
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