I hear Mary Poppins had her policy via Traveler's.
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I need to get liability insurance to cover part-time nannying in my home.

Yeah, that's pretty much the question right there.

My preliminary research suggests that such a thing is possible under homeowner's insurance, and my one caveat here is that we rent - so I'm wondering where exactly that falls in. Where would we buy a policy that covers this? Would our landlord be liable in a potential lawsuit involving childcare provided by me in the house that he owns? Is he covered under his own homeowner's insurance?

In your answers, please assume the most paranoid possible scenario. If I'm going to be prepared to do this, it's better to be over-prepared rather than under.
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You should have Contents/Tenants Insurance to cover your belongings (which are not covered by your landlord's insurance policy) already. If you don't, the same companies that provide Homeowner's Insurance provide those policies, and can provide the liability policy you're looking for, as well. Call an insurance broker in your town, or just call a couple of insurance companies directly for quotes.
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There are standard offerings for tenants insurance, but I don't know that they would cover liability related to running a small business in your home, especially one with potential liabilities associated with caring for small children.
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My husband (an insurance guy) says the liability coverage should be available as an endorsement on your renters policy-- call your agent to find out. You may also want to ask about an umbrella policy to provide better protection. Your landlord may or may not have protection against your business related losses, so you'll have to ask him. Your lease may have stipulations in it about what insurances you need to carry.

He adds that whenever you're not sure if you're protected against specific losses, you should call your agent.
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