I want something to put over the mantle with us and our dog. Don't judge. Help.
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What are some great traditional examples of family paintings with animals that look like THIS?

So I saw that thing that made Bill Murray look like a Russian general and I got inspired. I want to get a photo taken of myself, my girlfriend and our dog and then get it made into a piece of artwork similar to that. Except instead of Russian general I'm thinking more of an English hunting lodge motif. But what I lack is some examples with the animals in them so I can take the right kind of shot to start photoshopping. Can you give me some examples?
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Thomas Gainsborough?

Joshua Reynolds?
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I've got to go make pumpkin pie in about 20 seconds, but here's a first search:


It might help if you mention what type of dog you have (small lap dog type or larger hunting dog type).
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Sounds like Mr and Mrs Andrews.
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Louis Vuitton had an ad campaign with celebs and their bags in various outdoor settings, which might be inspiring, if you can replace the Luxury Vinyl with pets.
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Response by poster: So far this is closest of what's been suggested: http://www.wga.hu/art/q/quadal/lamberg.jpg

But why I'm looking for is more the hyper-stylized kind of modern art MADE to look old as in the russian generals bit. I find photoshopping is much easier with a template built on photoshop. Plus THAT's really the kind of look I want. Me. The Girlfriend. Our french bulldog Daisy. And we're all looking off into the distance with some sort of velvety background behind us.
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I've got a couple more minutes, although not a lot. So sorry, I'm too rushed for hyperlinks, and for not narrowing it down to British.

The trick with this is to get an original with man and a woman. Man plus dog is relatively easy. Man plus horse plus dog is really easy. Woman plus dog is do-able. Man plus woman plus dog is very difficult.

I think the most famous couple with a dog portrait is this one, although it doesn't really fit with your aesthetic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Van_Eyck_-_Arnolfini_Portrait.jpg

Here is a bunch of other random works. If you find one you like, try looking for more portraits by the same artist to get an idea for the clothing and poses for the missing half of the couple.


These are all the originals. If you want the already hyper-stylized versions, they should be out there. Actually from your first post, I though you were going to do the full photoshop reworking yourself, from scratch.

I guess if you prefer a template the key would be to find an artist or portrait or style you like and start searching for adaptations and interpretations of your pick, and the go from there.
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