How do I make a Firefox smart keyword to search all my Toodledo tasks?
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I want a Firefox smart keyword that will search all of my Toodledo tasks, not just the ones in the current view. I used to have one that used a carefully constructed URL, but Toodledo has switched the interface from a simple GET form to one that uses Ajax and JavaScript.

I can get the behavior I want by going to and then entering this into the Firefox web console (to search for [pancakes]):
document.getElementsByName("value2")[0].value = "pancakes"; document.getElementsByName("srchbtn")[0].click()
However I can't seem to figure out how to get a single line of JavaScript to first visit that page, and then enter in the search value and submit, so it seems like a smart keyword is right out. I've read on Stack Overflow that visiting a page from some other domain and then interacting with it, even from a javascript: URL is not permitted by the same origin policy.

Is there a way around this?
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