Recommendations for NYC therapist to treat IBS and anxiety?
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I've been suffering from increasing anxiety for the last year, and much to my embarrassment, my fear manifests itself by making me run to the bathroom! I'd like to see a nice therapist and nip this problem in the bud (or, butt). More details below.

I saw a therapist for a few months and it helped a little...but she was a bit cold and she didn't seem to understand that anxiety causes my irritable bowel syndrome (which of course leads to more anxiety and avoidant behavior, which leads to more psychosomatic digestive issues, blah blah)! I never really felt comfortable with her.

I've ruled out food allergies, I've had this problem off-and-on ever since I was young, and my symptoms correspond directly with social anxiety, agoraphobia, and my bad habit of bottling-up tough emotions.

I'm highly motivated to change, and I'd like to find someone more understanding about these issues. I like therapists who are warm and personable, and who can prompt me with questions (otherwise I tend to sit there silently and waste time).
Any recs for a pro I can talk to in Brooklyn or Manhattan? I don't have insurance so sliding scale fees are preferable, but not a deal breaker!

You can email me at, I'd deeply appreciate any responses at all! : )
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I'm not in NYC so I don't have any personal recommendations, but if you are interested in CBT, this website is a good resource for finding someone qualified.

Good luck! And don't forget that you are in charge - if the next one you meet also seems to be a bad fit, there is no reason to stick with him/her for months! Shop around a little more if you need to.
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I'm not in NYC either...sorry. But it sounds like you are ready and willing to make changes...and that is half the battle.

I agree with monkey-search until you find the right fit in a therapist. Meeting with a few until you find that right fit might take a while, but it is ultimately worth it. If you have trouble talking about your problem initially, write it out or copy and paste this posting, and bring it with you to the first visit. Ask them how they might suggest tackling this problem and if they are comfortable asking you questions while you get comfortable with them. Remember, the therapist's job is to work with you and assist you in bettering your life. It is absolutely ok to prefer certain styles in a healthcare professional and knowing what might make you most successful indicates you to be an empowered client. Best of luck!
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Nervous stomachs run in my family. I have had problems off and on with associating the problem with specific situations, too. It's terrible! I totally know what you're going through.

I know it's not answering your specific question, but my solution is to always carry a bottle of Imodium. When I know I'm heading into a triggering situation, I take two. And I have the bottle handy so that I can take additional ones as the situation warrants.

That stuff really is magic, with a limited down side (given the trade-off), and it works super fast. It's also comforting just knowing that I have it on hand.

I hope you can find a therapist who can help you!
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