Video art exhibit featuring American auctioneers?
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In 2000-2001, there was a video art exhibit at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. It featured neatly dressed American auctioneers talking in that high-speed almost unintelligible way, quickly reciting the bids to an audience that wasn't there, in front of a variety of landscapes. One was a stocky woman in a business skirt two-piece set walking slowly at dusk with a dark building in the back. Can you find the artist's work? Or point me to the artist?
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Best answer: Doug Aitken is the artist. I saw that video piece in London some years earlier (it was very memorable), and IIRC, he's also done some more recent work with auctioneers. His website is here.
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Best answer: Hey! I installed that piece you saw! (used to be a museum technician). Small world.

grounded is right, Doug Aiken. The piece is called, IIRC, "These Restless Minds."

It's really beautiful.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Much appreciated.
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