Help me find the best seats for Book Of Mormon
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Seeking advice on optimal seating options for The Book Of Mormon...

I'm heading to NYC in November for a short trip and am planning to purchase 2 tickets to The Book Of Mormon while there for my wife's birthday. Since they seem to all be in the range of 300$ and up, was wondering if people had advice on orchestra v. mezzanine, etc., since a few people on yelp mention the theatre (Eugene O'Neill) is fairly small and has a few areas with obscured sightlines, if that makes sense.

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Mezz is fine. If you do the lottery or standing room, you can get tickets for $32.
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Honestly, the theatre is small enough that I don't think there are any bad seats.

I bought a (single) ticket the day before and got the very last available seat for a performace. It was mezzanine about half way back and the outermost seat of a row. The theatre told me it would be obstructed view, but all this meant for me was that I occasionally had to ever so slightly tilt my head to the left when the action was happening on one side. So I can't tell you where the best seats are, but I can tell you that even the dud seats are surprisingly good!

(Also, I left the show on SUCH a theatre high. I found myself about a block away giggling and I did a little twirl before I managed to get a hold of myself.)

And yeah, buy your tickets in advance, but if you find yourself outside the theatre at 6pm then you can go in for the lottery.
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Great - appreciate the firsthand advice.
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I'm not sure when in November you're trying to buy tickets, but I just checked the website for a weekend in November when I have a friend visiting, and they were all sold out. I know you can try to get them through the lottery, but that is absolutely not a guarantee of a ticket. Good luck—let us know if you're successful.

And if they are sold out, don't go through Craigslist.
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The last two or three rows will have you sitting with your knees under your chin they're so close together, so I'd avoid those. I was four or five rows from the back and had no problems seeing everything, but I was in the center.
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I was in the second-to-last row of the center mezzanine and (while Mavri is right that it was a squish for my long-ish legs) the view was just fine. I'd say don't sit in the very back of the orchestra, since the pitch isn't that great and you might get some head obstruction. But front half of the orchestra or anywhere center mezz will be great.
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merlock - I don't think there's any other route to take except Stubhub or the like. Our date is going to be the 17th or close to it, so not being on a weekend may be a plus. I am trying to wrap my head around the insanity of the prices of these tickets, especially the fact that it looks like two round trip nonstop airfares from the west coast will be potentially less costly than our show.
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