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What is the smartphone software that uses other nearby phones as a a kind of p2p wireless network - ie. sends a message by transmitting it to any other phones in range that are also running the app, which will then pass it on in a similar fashion, etc.?

I know it exists, and I'm reasonably sure I've seen it linked on the blue in the last couple of months - probably in a comment - but just can't find it.
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Well, Bump is meant to transfer files by bumping fists... ostensibly it could work for your purposes? I think it integrates with a number of other apps, too.
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It's not this post on kettling, is it?
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Response by poster: Ah, no... I forgot to mention that Sukey is not what I'm referring to. But thanks, Telpethoron.
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Response by poster: And carsonb, thanks for pointing out Bump, but this app works (as I recall the description) by sending (by Bluetooth or WiFi, I believe) indiscriminately to any phone in range that's also running the app, and then they do the same...

Maybe it's still in development, but it most certainly has a website. One which doesn't seem to use any google-able text I think it would.
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Mobile ad hoc networks and mesh networks are a current area of computer science research. I am not aware of any consumer implementations.
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signal strength ?
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