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Looking for music featuring the cello.

Preferably not orchestral, though other classical would be good. I already know about and love Apocalyptica, and have heard a couple of Rasputina songs I like. Incidentally, for any anime+music heads out there -- the song that made me fall in love with the instrument is "Shadow of Doubt," off the Escaflowne soundtrack. (Would link if I could find one...)
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Did you see this previous question?
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You should be able to find something you like at ClassicCat.
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Ah, Bach! Ah, Fournier!
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Jorane is awesome.
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The Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich is really extraordinary. You can find several recordings (including a massive boxed set spanning his career) on EMI.
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The cello features prominently on Per Aspera Ad Astra by Stars of the Lid. Sample excerpt.
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Nick Drake - "Cello song" has a pretty good riff.
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`Flames' by Vast is pretty good.
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Response by poster: I had not seen the previous tangential cello question -- did search too! -- thanks for pointing it out.
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I just saw Erik Friedlander open for the Mountain Goats. His cello playing is not exactly classical, to be fair. But well worth a listen.
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The Julliard String Quartet playing "The Art of the Fugue."

Verbow is an indie rock band (now defunct, I think) that featured a cellist.
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David Darling (as I mentioned in the other thread - what can I say? I like the guy's music).
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About 20 mins before reading this question I stumbled upon what I think is the best cello music I've ever heard:
Arvo Pärt - Fratres for Cellos
I downloaded it from Columbia University Orchestra's audio page
So somber and beautiful...
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DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World.
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A nifty little indie band called Mabel features prominently some lovely cello playing.

Full disclosure: the singer/keyboardist is a good friend of mine.
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Apocalyptica - these guys are a string quartet (?) that covers Metallica.
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if you like electronic/dancy music with classical instruments, you might try bond. multinational pop quartet; two violins, a viola, and a cello.
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I'll second Jorane

Also, Brahm's solo cello sonatas are less well known than Bach's solo cello suites, and perhaps sound more modern, which you might like.

Kodaly's solo cello sonata is awesome.
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I'm a big fan of Truls Mørk. You might find something here.
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Brahms Piano Quartet in C Minor, Opus 60 changed my life. I heard it while driving on a country road at night, and ended up pulling over to make sure I didn't drive out of range before it finished. The piece is very romantic (Brahms is said to have composed it as a way to declare his love for Chopin's wife), and is a good illustration of the fact that the cello's range is approximately the same as that of the human voice.

For a more eclectic combination, try Thomas Demenga playing J.S. Bach and Eliot Carter.
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Check out the Turtle Island String Quartet

Some of their older stuff is really great with some great cello stuff.

In terms of classical cellists I would also check out anything by < a href="">Jacqueline DuPré. An Amazing cellist (try debussy cello concerto).

You can always pick up stuff like Tales from the Acoustic Planet with Bela Fleck and Friends that usually has some cello work on it. All good stuff.

I really like this
album by Yo Yo Ma that is all tango music on the cello. Great stuff.

Hope this helps!
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Do you know about the Viol?

Like a cello, but better. OK, not better, but similar and amazingly beautiful.

Check out soundtrack to "Tous Les Matins Du Monde"

or Jordi Savall or St Colombe
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Pablo Casals is the greatest cello player imo.
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