All airline departures from and to two airports?
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I am looking for a website that gives me all possible airlines departing from one airport in the world to another. Whether they are low cost, charter or standard carrier. I can put 'flights from and to' in Google and it will bring a list up (nice) or go to the Airport wikipedia page (again nice) but I know they miss some things. Is there such a site?

This question was asked before in a slightly different way but it is an old link now.
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I presume you've tried Expedia and travelocity and flight network andkayak.comandcheap flights and oh my gosh I could keep going with things like priceline and and and and

All of these sights get MOST airlines traveling out of one airport to another and give you a number of options for stringing different airlines together when flying to a place where connections are required.

I live in Northern Canada and I have yet to see Air North included on any of these websites and I expect there are other regional airways that aren't linked in but most of these sites are pretty good at linking all the main carriers together and getting you better prices than if you went to the airlines website and tried booking. I had great success and saved hundreds of dollars recently when I booked a flight from Whitehorse to Phoenix using Expedia and they let me do my seat selection at the time of booking. It also was the only site that managed to get me to Phoenix with only one connection rather than 2 or worse get 3.
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It has just occurred to me that perhaps you interest has nothing to do with actually getting flights - that perhaps you just want to know who flies where. In which case I've really missed the mark on answering your question - I sit here with my head hung in shame and can advise you that I have never found a way to show flights that I know depart from Whitehorse airport (without going to their company website) including:
Air North - to Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary
Condor - summer time direct flights to Frankfurt
Eidleweiss - summertime direct flights to Vienna (I think and I think they don't do that route anymore)
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Depending on where in the world you're looking, the problem with sites like the ones YukonQuirm lists is that for the discounted airlines, their presence in the system is spotty. For example, Southwest - a major carrier in the United States - doesn't show up in many (if any) of those sites, because they refuse to pay to have their schedules published in the Computer Reservations Systems, choosing instead to use silly commercials to draw people to For airlines like Allegiant, Sun Country, etc. (the "super low-cost" carriers), their absence from most sites like that is practically guaranteed.

I'm not sure if there is a global "reference" site like that, since an airline flight schedule is probably, at the end of the day, proprietary information.
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Have you tried FlightAware? Here's JFK in New York, here's CDG in Paris. They work by tracking air traffic control data directly, showing all flights (scheduled and private) into airports. Their data is best in the US but they have some capability globally.

The live ATC data is their primary product, but they also have "Insight" which gives statistics on commercial traffic between flights. Here's KJFO to KSFO, for instance, showing all the commercial carriers who work that route, average ticket prices, number of flights, etc. This data seems to mostly be US only.
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Response by poster: Just a note about the answers already and thank you to all so far. You have sort of knocked the nail on the head by saying that there doesn't seem to be a site or way of finding out who flies where anywhere in the world. Many airlines are not listed as mentioned, especially seasonal carriers and low cost airlines. I would love to put BKK to Kunming for instance and know I was getting all the options. As more and more budget airlines come into existance or go bust it would be nice to keep on top of it all.
@YoukonQuirm :-) It's fine. You were right on the second assumption. Thank you
@Golfhaus Yes I agree.
@Nelson It's a wonderful site but not quite what i want. Perhaps a little too involved and restricted to certain areas.
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FlightStats seems like it could be what you want. The above link is one that allows you to search by routes between airports, either arriving or departing. Of course, it only allows you to see direct flights, so if you are looking for every possible option from one airport to the other including stopovers/plane changes, that won't be possible with this.
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ITA software. I think it does the job:
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This is what OAG Flights is for. It's the online equivalent of the OAG Flight Guide, which has been the primary reference guide for quite some time.
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