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MINECRAFTfilter: My girlfriend has a really cool world going on her local machine. What's the shortest method from point A to point B toward being able to play multiplayer with her and help build some palaces? (You can assume higher than average technical problem solving abilities and access to equipment, but low knowledse of firewalls and routing, I'm just having a hard time parsing the forums for what I'm specifically trying to do...)

It seems like from cruising the forums, you can seed server worlds? Do I want to setup a server on a LAN so we can play together when we are hanging out in the apartment? Do we just want to find a free-play server and start making our own stuff? Can I actually seed with one of her saves? Will the server be too laggy? (I found a decent how-to, in terms of port opening and routing, but tried it with my wifi connected tiny hard drived laptop so things did not go well). Assume I can find a box to make into a server.
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Find her minecraft folder. On windows it's %appdata%. There's a "saves" folder in there, her world is one of them. Copy it that folder. Have her log in and press F3, there's a "seed #" that will be displayed. copy that, too.

Now create a new multiplayer server. This is as easy as downloading the jar from minecraft.net and running it once. Close it down.

Now open server.properties file (the jar will create it when it is run) and put your seed# in there in the appropriate spot.

Next, delete the contents of the "world" folder (same location as server.properties) and copy your gf's save folder contents in there.

The biggest problem with this is that it will not keep her single-player world in sync with your multiplayer world unless you copy the files back and forth.
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