What are some cool queer events in Paris?
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What are some lesbian/queer events, gallery exhibitions, movies, bars, etc. to see in Paris?

From 17-20 October, I'll be in Paris for the first time by myself, and I want to take advantage of the days by seeing or going to places that are lesbian/queer friendly/oriented. I've checked major sites like tetue.com and paris-gay.com for bars and events, but since I don't know the Paris gay scene at all, I was hoping there are some MeFites who could help me. I'm staying in the Marais, so my location is ideal. Cheaper things are always better, but if it's something that is unique to the city, cost isn't a mitigating issue.
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Read Marylin Hacker in a park with a big picnic.
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Checkout girlports.com - great queer travel resource.
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