Where can I find good and affordable dental care in the Boston area?
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Where can I find good and affordable dental care in the Boston area?

Asking for a friend, who is in Cambridge. She's just started a new part-time job and doesn't think her health insurance covers dental work. One of her fillings popped out and she needs to have it fixed. Do you have a recommendation for good and affordable dental care?
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She should check out one of the dental schools -- BU, Tufts, Harvard, etc.
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Has she looked into the Tufts Dental Clinics (in Chinatown/NEMed area)?
They have two layers of care: "...dental students provide services under the close supervision of experienced faculty dentists," and "dentists who have completed dental school and are receiving 1-2 additional years of training in advanced general dentistry provide treatment under the supervision of faculty dentists."
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Tufts Dental School in Chinatown. Seriously.

I had 3 implants done there this past year, and couldn't be happier. Total cost was about half of a private dentist. And don't be scared about the students working on you. Every step of the way, their dental school professors are there to advise them, and check their work. I highly recommend Tufts.
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Thirding Tufts. Had some fillings and a cleaning done there a few years back and they did a very good job for low cost. It's accessible, too, since it's on the Orange Line. The only downside is that it can take quite a long time (2-3 hours) for a routine appointment, precisely because of the scrutiny of the students' work, so, make sure she's aware of the need to budget the time.
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I would go to Harvard Dental School on Longwood Ave. I've been to Tufts and had a much better experience at Harvard. They just seemed to be more knowledgeable and able to communicate things better with me. But I guess YMMV.

You get assigned to a student so maybe go for a checkup at both places and see where you feel more comfortable.
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Another Tufts recommendation. I had a bunch of stuff done there a few years ago, awesome care!
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I did the BU dental school for a year. It was great, I had a student who seemed to know her stuff. The only time that a teacher had to come in was when she was confused by my upper secondary molars...and the fact that I have no lower secondary molars. I think she brought her teacher in more because I was an oddity than anything else.
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