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Please recommend educational video podcasts that really make good use of the video component, with demonstrations, artwork, or animations.

I'm interested in videos from iTunes U, MIT Open Courseware, or similar sources that make great use of the video to enhance the audio material.

I haven't found a good way to tell whether a particular course or lecture series has great animations and diagrams and maps, or just shows the lecturer talking for 60 minutes.

So, MeFites: what educational videocasts have impressed you with their visual content?

All subjects and all sources welcome, although I'm especially interested in art history, history, and science. (And I do know about Khan Academy already.)

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Not a podcast, but Khan Academy surely has to get a mention.
posted by devnull at 11:21 PM on October 6, 2011

Maybe PeepCode will fit the bill. They're billed as screencasts rather than podcasts, but the format would be the same, only the syndication different.
posted by krilli at 2:41 AM on October 7, 2011

Like the ones by RSA Animate:

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
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Best answer: Marketplace Whiteboard with Paddy Hirsch is good.
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Best answer: All of Walter Lewin's physics classes for MIT are chock full of demonstrations. They're fantastic.
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