Make me laugh. Please?
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What are some good places to find a certain kind of humor online?

It's the kind that includes fucking back with phone scammers, taking out false ads or answering ads falsely on sales or dating websites (craigslist), the infamous Dimitri the Lover thing (a recording of a guy leaving stalkerish voicemail messages for a woman he didn't know), and things like that? What am I missing? I love shit like this and I'm in a sad spell. Laughter is medicine.
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The Credit Card Prank

A classic: the stinkymeat project
posted by wondermouse at 9:19 PM on October 6, 2011

Best answer: emails from an asshole
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chad's letters

I'm not vouching for any of my links. I know there's funny stuff like this around and I'm just dropping links for you without looking at them..
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a link from the telegraph
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best of craigslist . . . and I'm done here. I hope you find your chuckles.
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Seconding Emails From An Asshole - please please start with Disguised Weapons and once you recover from the hilarity, read on.
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the paywall is down on Something Awful, so I read through the massive TV Tropes thread. even if you love the site, the mocking they give Troper Tales is hilarious

E/N is a mix of that and real advice
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Missing Missy
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Matt Besser - May I Help You (Dumbass)?
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David Thorne. Probably NSFW in parts.
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Derek Erdman.

Along with Sharpeworld, it was one of the sites that was a revelation to me upon having broadband for the first time during my freshman year of college. The more you search the site, the more you'll find the kind of stuff that's right up your alley.
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The P-P-P-Powerbook!
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This guy gets Nigerian scammers to send photos of themsleves holding silly signs to "prove they are serious." I think I first read about him on Metafilter[?]
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The Powerbook Prank is one of my favorite stories along those lines.
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Not quite the same, but I always get a kick out of Rob Cockerham's stuff on
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So many suggestions! I'm bookmarking this post for my own! Here are my 3 laugh-a-day sites I visit:

People of Walmart
Damn You Auto Correct
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Playground Law.
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Apologies as this isn't online per se, but I think you would love Bob Servant and Delete This At Your Peril. If you like British humour it's especially funny. My god, I remember being on a bus in a foreign country and just laughing until I cried, with all the other passengers looking at me as if I were deranged.
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Response by poster: I'm very familiar with Emails From An Asshole, and the concealed weapons IS one of the best of all!! I'll have to check the rest of these out... Thanks!
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