What wireless headphones should I get?
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What wireless headphones should I get?

I'm looking for a set of wireless headphones for a weird audio source situation. I'm interested in something like these Sennheiser headphones, and at about this price, ~$180.

Here's the weird audio source situation: I want to use them with both my computer and my TV, but I don't have any way to splice these together and then plug the headphones into that splice (nor any desire or need to have both sources going to the headphones). What's the best way to get around this?

I would rather not buy two complete sets, plug one into each source, and switch headphones back and forth. Is there any system that would let me buy one set and then a second base, plug each base into each source, and then stick the headphones on the base to pair it with that source? I would eventually want to add 1-2 extra pairs of headphones for extra people; ideally I could keep one base with each source, let the headphones charge on their bases, and then do the re-pair thing so everyone could watch a movie or whatever. All this makes sense in my head but I feel like I'm doing a really bad job of explaining it, so please ask if you need me to redo it. :)

Also, a mic for games/Skype would be gravy, but isn't necessary.
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Best answer: You can use Sennheiser RS 160 by hooking it up to your TV's monitor output. Use the TV as a computer monitor by hooking it up to the TV, then switch output via the TV's remote control. If you can't use the TV as a computer monitor, just plug in the audio output from the computer. You can buy additional compatible wireless headphones separately (Sennheiser HDR 160). RS 160 uses the same KLEER technology employed in the higher priced models, the transmitter is the size of a hockey puck and works via supplied AC power adapter or two AA batteries (headphones use 2 rechargeable AAA batteries). Audio source input plugs into the wireless transmitter via a standard stereo mini-plug. You need to shop around for a bargain price on Sennheiser products (open box items with a return guarantee).
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I have the cheaper version of those wireless Sennheiser headphones, and I love 'em.
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