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Where can I find creative commons-licensed or out-of-copyright images to use in (non-commercial) design projects?

I'm slowly teaching myself graphics design. I'd like to be able to post the things I create on a blog, which means that copyright issues come into play when I build on photos or other types of images. Everything I'm doing is very not-for-profit, and I'm more than happy giving attribution.

Other than Flickr's creative commons search, are there any other good resources out there? I'm interested in photos, as well as historical images and paintings.
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Wikimedia Commons was pretty much made for this sort of thing.
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Response by poster: Oh, I guess I should also note that I have seen this thread, as far as historical photos go.
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For the project you describe, you an use all of these license types from Creative Commons on Flickr. About a zillion backgrounds, photos, objects etc are provided specifically for mashups where you make new stuff and share it. Vis.
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everystockphoto It's not all CC but you can pick and choose which sites to search/
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Stock Xchng
The stock section of DeviantArt.
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I really recommend Mayang for high-resolution textures.
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Pictures from Old Books
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Compfight searches Flickr and filters the results according to the license you prefer.
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wellcome images are a fantastic resource for both contemporary and historical images.
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