Dances that baroque.
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Tell me your favourite court dance scenes from movies or musicals!

I'm looking for examples of court dances - particularly, those from around the 17th century - used in movies, musicals, miniseries etc.

The Netherfield Ball dance scene from Pride and Prejudice is pretty much exactly what I'm after.

YouTube links would be most useful. Thanks, baroquephiles!
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Marie Antoinette
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Best answer: Elizabeth (The Volta)
Firefly - Shindig (Partially in the background, but keep watching, the characters join in eventually and the dancing gets better, and yes, this is a space western but I swear the dance itself is the right era, ish. General shots at the very beginning, the dance itself at 7:54. I especially like that audience just sort of walks through the dance when they feel like it, which feels pretty authentic to me.)
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My standout favourite, if it qualifies - the scene at Grand Central from The Fisher King (an otherwise mediocre, bloated movie IMHO)
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My favorite is the scene from The Fearless Vampire Killers where the vampire hunters are pretending to be vampires at the vampire's castle and they get pulled into this elaborate ballroom and have to dance with all of the vampires and they are found out when they turn and are facing a mirror and it shows that they are the only ones who cast a reflection in the entire ballroom!
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Russian Ark is a great movie made up of one continuous shot, the camera gliding through 33 rooms of the Hermitage Museum, which has a few ballrooms.

Here's three minutes in one of them.
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I'm quite partial to the 2005 Pride & Prejudice Elizabeth/Darcy dance scene.
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Top Secret.

Possibly not quite what you're looking for but... I'll take the chance. :-)
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There are several in Mysteries of Lisbon.
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Gone with the Wind

A reprehensible movie, but a great ballroom scene, filmed in classic Hollywood Technicolor brilliance. Sorry that the video isn't longer, couldn't find a better clip. Note: Mrs. Charles Hamilton is the married-then-widowed name of Scarlett O'Hara.
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Best answer: Valmont (Colin Firth again! With several different partners ranging from polite to lusty 8:30-10:20)

Three adaptations of Emma
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oops, dancing ends at 11:20 in the Valmont link, not 10:20
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Unless you speak French you should probably watch a subtitled version because the scene (and pretty much the whole movie) is about the biting but elegantly worded repartee.

The Borgias series (on Showtime) had a dance scene after young Lucrezia's wedding, during which her brother is blatantly flirting with a married woman in front of the woman's husband. You can see screenshots from that scene here.
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In case you want even more Jane Austen, here's the ball scene from Sense and Sensibility
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone for all of your contributions! This has been a massive help.
SMPA - I love the Firefly suggestion! One of my favourite series of all time, and yet I completely forgot that there was a court dance in there - wicked.
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When you said court dance scenes, I thought "that's so specific. I can only think of Chicago".
I now realize that you did not mean court of law!
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