Thanksgiving dining alternatives in as Vegas
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I'm looking for a great Thanksgiving dining out option for Thanksgiving dinner in Vegas for 3 adults.

I always go to Vegas for Thanksgiving holiday. Usually I go to a place inside a casino on the strip for a prix fix Thanksgiving meal. I typically treat my wife and her mom. However, this year I'd like the meal to meal to be a little less traditional. (as if tradition and Vegas were not mutually exclusive)

I'm hoping a local might know of a refreshing option that has added some pizzazz the turkey and stuffing.
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I was thinking of Rosemary's but it looks like it closed. Have you reviewed/asked on Chowhound? Good luck!
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Do *not* go to a buffet on Thanksgiving unless you have a line pass, and even then you still might have a long wait to be seated.
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I agree 100% regarding Buffet. I'm not generally a buffet person. I think I'll set a reservation for Nob Hill or Roeboshon. They are both excellent. And I've done both for the Thanksgiving holiday.
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