Getting audiobook CD in to one book.
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Audiobooks from CD to iTunes won't join as one book

Have downloaded various CDs of audiobooks to iTunes, many of them multiple CDs. In most cases, I could get them to all join in to one book (does that make sense?) but there are three or four that just won't. All the details are the same, I have tried deleting and re-downloading, nothing. For example, one is the Hobbit and I could join all the CDs in to one book, except one (and a middle one at that). If I put them all in a playlist they all play fine and in order if that makes sense.

Is there something I am missing?
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From my experience, this happens because there are differences in the ID3 tags. Select all the files and edit the tags (Get info). Make sure that Artist, Album Artist, Album, Grouping and Composer are the same; retype the names again. Apply the changes. HTH.
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I haven't had much experience with audiobooks in itunes, but I did have an extremely similar problem with dropping in albums that had been ripped from CD by another program. The solution I found was as follows:

Select all of the tracks in one album
Right click and get info. This will give you the common metadata fields, not the ones that makes tracks individual
Make sure the fields are filled correctly, then check the box next to every field (empty ones as well as the ones with information in) and save it
After saving this information, some of my affected albums were fixed immediately, others were fixed after closing and reopening iTunes

Obviously replace album with audiobook in your situation, and equally obviously YMMV. But it's worth a shot!
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