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YANALFilter: I want to prepare a release form that gives me rights to use recordings I make of literary performances on the internet and radio. What should be included?

I am organizer for a local storytelling series for which I record audio and video of the performances, and upload it to Vimeo. We are considering ways to use the material we collect -- a radio show has ben suggested. I want to draw up a release form that gives me recording rights over the material I'm collecting for use in radio, podcast, and internet video capacity.

What should I be considering when drawing this up? Is this something I can write up myself?

BTW, I live in Canada.
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This guide from Creative Commons Canada might be of some help. I will say this--as someone who has done some permissions work myself, be sure to include every possible place you might use the piece in your form, to make sure you don't have to go back and repermission everything every time you have a new idea.
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