Halloween costume help: Kaneda from Akira
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I'm going to try to make a Kaneda (from Akira) costume for Halloween. What craft materials do I want to use to make this happen?

I'm starting with a base of a red leather jacket and a Nerf Stampede gun. I have red vinyl pants and goggles from ebay.

What materials and tools do I want to use to:

a) Mod the gun? I'm thinking PVC pipe and wood? What's easy to work with, relatively sturdy and can be bonded/glued together?
b) Make the power pack?
c) Paint the capsule on the jacket?
d) Make the buckles/snaps on the front?

Any other tips or suggestions would be appreciated, feel free to answer any part of this question!

(For reference, this is the character.)
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Cosplayers have definitely made Kaneda's gun and similar items like Megatokyo's Sony KillStick(tm). Advice here and here.
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For the gun, Wonderflex might be an idea, or insulation foam. For Wonderflex, you would need a heat gun, but it's malleable and hard to screw up.

For the power pack, I would find a box that already is a similar size and shape, and then cut the corner as needed. Then I would cover it all w/cut-to-size craft foam (smooth and paintable, easy to work with, cheap). For the raised sections on the pack, cut foam w/ x-acto knife and glue on. Paint it all silver. For the decal (?), print it out and glue it on. I can't tell what material the strap is supposed to be, but maybe vinyl (from fabric store) or even an old re-purposed belt or something can do the trick.

The fasteners on the front--I would use foam as well and paint them--same idea as the power pack. I did something similar with an Edward Elric costume for my son a few years ago. To make it actually 'attach' the jacket, I put a gob of hot glue on the back of the foam piece and stuck a safety pin in it and let it set. Pinned the foam piece to the jacket and voila.
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Definitely paint the capsule on the back of the jacket, that shit is iconic. ("The Capsules" is the name of Kaneda's motorcycle gang.) When I did this costume, I used white acrylic primer to paint an oblong on the back of my jacket, then painted the blue and yellow on top after that was dry, and finally used a Sharpie to add a black outline. Don't skip the primer! Without it your colors won't be bright enough.

Remember, Kaneda wears a pink polo shirt under his red jacket.
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Having one of these would help dramatically.
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