Android password manager app with online browser access?
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Does anyone know of an Android password manager app with online browser access?

I've been an iPhone user for 3 years now (3G), and have been waiting patiently as my phone slowly chokes me to death with the expectation of breathing new iPhone 5 life.

So given the crushing disappointment that was the revelation that Apple has just caught up to the latest Android phones with the 4S, and the fact I can't wait another 15 months for the supposed paradigm shift (other than the speed and lack of utility, I'd like to be able to Skype my family when I'm traveling), I'm going to dump my eggs into the Android basket. (That sounded less painful in my head.)

I searched through all my apps that are still functional on my iPhone (on the plus side, it made me realize how useless most of them are), I was impressed by how many of them are available in the Market. The only app that I use on a daily basis that isn't there is Memengo Wallet. Looking on the developer's forum, there are currently no plans to release an Android version.

I looked at a lot of the highly-rated Android password managers, but most of them that have desktop editing capabilities do so through a downloaded client. This is not an option for me, since I am not allowed to install unauthorized software on my work computer. I also like the convenience of being able to access my data through the web if I'm stuck without my phone (I know I give up some security by storing data online, but I'm comfortable with it).

So, any suggestions on a Memengo Wallet replacement are welcome!
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I love LastPass. They take security very seriously and have mobile apps for pretty much all platforms.
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Response by poster: I heard about LastPass a number of years ago, and I wasn't necessarily looking for automatic web form input at the time.

Do you have direct access to your data through their portal without having to install a client or extension/add-on to your browser?
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LastPass is excellent. They have plugins for firefox and chrome, web based access, an android browser and also a plugin for the much better Dolphin browser. Highly recommended.
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I like the password generator with lastpass- it makes it easy to use strong passwords that I don't have to then remember.
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Best answer: Yes, you can access your passwords on LastPass through their portal, no problem.
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I personally use Roboform for both desktop (PC) and my android phone. It's excellent although not free for full use you can try it out before you decide on it. There is a web interface as well - one thing to note, the PC software is great, the Mac software is somewhat lacking - but as I use it only on android and PC that's fine with me.
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I'm also a lastpass user. It's the only one I found that just works on the pc, on android, iOS, webOs, etc.
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I've been using KeePassDroid exclusively (mainly because my employer standardized on it for the PC) and it works great for me. I store the password file in Dropbox (with an extremely secure password) and open it from there on my Android, so the same file is available to me whether I'm on a PC or the smartphone.
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I'm very happy with 1password on my Mac and Android phone. You can store a static copy of your encrypted keychain on a flash drive, or an automatically updated one in Dropbox and access it from a browser.
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Yet another vote for LastPass. You need to have a premium account to use their Android App, but for $12 a year... it is nothing.
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Response by poster: Thanks - seems like LastPass is the popular way to go!
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