What was this song with clapping hands and happy singing?
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waste-of-a-question filter: Contemporary, upbeat song featuring hand claps.

I heard a snipped of this song in an airport a couple weeks ago, and again out of someone's open window the other day. I don't even particularly like it, but it has become the wormiest of earworms.

The problem: I heard it so indistinctly both times that I don't even have a clear melody to hum into one of those identify-my-song things. What I do know about it:

- It featured prominent hand claps in a clapclap---clap---clapclap---clap beat
- I think a group of women sang the chorus, which may or may not have included the phrase "I want to thank you". It did not seem to have complex harmonies, it just sounded like more than one voice singing the same notes.
- it was upbeat and happy-sounding, not soulful or ballad-y or heavily processed.

Can you help me, please? I am thinking that this must be a relatively new-ish song, based on the fact that the airport music switched over to Maroon 5 right after. Assume that I know *nothing* about popular music—it might be, like, the new Britney Spears song that the entire universe is aware of or something, and I would not know (I don't think it is, though).

Thank you!
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"Crayola doesn't make a color for your eyes". Many versions out there, of varying quality, but all upbeat.
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The only newish song featuring hand clapping I know is "Animal" by Neon Trees. But that lyric doesn't appear in the song.
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Perhaps it's "New Soul" by Yael Naim? Should be readily findable on Youtube and such; was featured on NPR a few months ago and has gotten some airplay.

Definitely has handclaps and a simple female vocal harmony, and is upbeat-sounding.

Good luck!
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Probably not, but...

Kimbra's Cameo Lover? Or maybe "Settle Down"?
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Response by poster: none of these so far, though kimbra has sort of the right feel, especially the Cameo Lover. And thanks, brackish.line, I'd been wondering about that one too!
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Any chance it's Me and You? I looked high and low for this song a few months ago.
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Longshot: Rumour has it by Adele? Clapping starts at 1:30 or so.
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Not new but how about Feist's 1234?
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It's not Janelle Monae's Tightrope, is it?
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The Ting Tings, That's Not My Name?
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Response by poster: none of these. But OMG, Tightrope and That's Not My Name are both SO CLOSE in different ways—like if the girl's voice from the Ting Tings and the vibe of Tightrope were combined.
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Nothing by The Asteroid Galaxy Tour?
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Crap. Link.
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If You Only Knew by Kathryn Calder?
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Serena Ryder, "Sing, Sing", perhaps?
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Only because nobody's mentioned it, Dido's Thank You is the sort of song you're likely to hear in an airport, and contains the phrase "I want to thank you".
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long shot: i always knew by Tilly and the Wall

i have so many songs with handclaps, but none of them seem right.
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I Just Came to Say Hello by Martin Solveig and Dragonette? Ugh, now i have an earworm, too.
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Mat Kearney - Hey Mama, lots of clapping, no female vocals though.
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Best answer: Possibly Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine?
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Best answer: I was coming in to suggest Dog Days are Over, too. It gets decent airplay, has the exact clappy sequence you described, women singing but not exactly always harmonies, and several lyrics that could easily be mistaken for "I want to thank you" if you don't know the song.
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Response by poster: YES OMG YES. When the video started and she said "Happiness..." I squealed at the computer and did a little fist pump, much to my officemate's bemusement. Thank you so much!!!

Now to sort out my weird half-memories about this song. I was going to come back here and say that the song sort of reminded me of "Roam" by the B-52s, if that helped. Yeah, it most emphatically would not have.
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