Corning, New York restaurant recommendation?
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I'll be visiting the Corning New York Glass Museum this weekend with 2 college students. After a fabulous day we'll be looking for a great restaurant for dinner. Any suggestions from savvy locals? For them - fun, hip, alcohol. For me - a less than ear-splitting decibel level. Can you suggest the perfect place?
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When we were in Corning in late August, we ate at the Gaffer Grille. It wasn't the "dining experience of a lifetime", but the food was good and their beer selection greatly intrigued Mr. DrGail. Oh, and the noise level was conversation-friendly.
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Fantastic food. Decor is lacking, but it's made up by atmosphere. Booze is available, but it's just the ordinary stuff.

Srsly, tho -- THE FOOD. YE GODS.

Gaffer's down the street if you need to move the party later. But yeah. Aniello's. Whoa.
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Ithaca is an hour drive away. Go to the Moosewood there.
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Three Birds Restaurant right on Market Street was excellent when my wife and I visited a couple of years ago. Don't know if I'd call it "fun" or "hip", but it seemed a little classier than most other places I'd expect to find in the Southern Tier, and there's nothing wrong with exposing students to that!
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When Capt. Renault says Aniello's has "the ordinary stuff", he means 1 beer on tap (Budweiser, I believe) and maybe 3 different macrobrews available in bottle. Also single-serving bottles of wine, IIRC. If you go there: chicken parm sub or the buffalo wing pizza. The plain pizza is off the hook, but the chicken wing pizza takes it to the next level. I weep with nostalgia.

All that said, for a sit down meal, I'm always partial to the Market Street Brewing Company - they have a full bar + their own beers.

If you're looking to splurge (and you all eat animals), Tony R's. It's not quite jacket-and-tie fancy, more like polo and khakis from my experiences there.
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