Where to find Drupal freelancers?
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Where do Drupal freelancers congregate?

I'm looking for good Drupal developers, who can do some small maintenance work on my website (like: add or remove social media buttons, minor design issues, drupal updates), as well as some work on client's websites (I run a PR company). Does anybody know how I would go about finding these people? I don't particularly care where they are based (I'm in Europe myself), but they need to be dependable people, with strong project management skills. Thanks in advance.
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We congregate on metafilter, of course.
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Drupal.org might be a good place to look. Not only is there a job listing group, but you can see if the person you want to hire is active in the Drupal community. You can see if your potential developer maintains modules or themes; or if they are helpful in the "issue queues" for the same.

And yes, Metafilter.
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We're all here. And d.o. and g.d.o. And stackexchange. And local meetups. (The latest NY Drupal meetup was huge!) You can find tons of developing nation developers on places like rentacoder, and there are pros and cons to those sites.

If you posted on g.d.o and didn't find either a freelancer or an entire dev shop that was looking for steady, small work, I'd be shocked.
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