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What is the easiest, most affordable way to mac system troubleshooting and maintenance on another Mac over the internet?

My brother has a full time business doing hard manual labor and depends on his computer at home for his business and pleasure. He lives in Florida and I live in Ohio. We both have newer Macs running Lion and Snow Leopard. I am pretty good with system troubleshooting/maintenance. He is not computer savvy, nor interested in being so; he just wants a functioning system after a hard day’s work.

He is currently experiencing some system issues that he does not know how to handle. It could be as simple as repairing permissions, which we can of course handle on the phone. On the other hand if it is something more complex, I would like to be able to troubleshoot over the internet to find a solution and solve this and future problems for him.

I would also like to be able to do an install of Cocktail for him over the internet, and set it up to do weekly/monthly maintenance.

I am certain that he will allow me the access necessary to do whatever is necessary to keep his system functional and updated. What is the simplest and most affordable way to do this online? We both have broadband access.
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iChat screen sharing? It's basically zero-config VNC.
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Best answer: Just yesterday there was a related article on Lifehacker that covers some Mac and PC options: How Do I Troubleshoot My Parents’ PC Remotely?
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Screen sharing through secure VNC, Apple Screen Sharing, LogMeIn, or the aforementioned iChat.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your quick responses. I am pleased that there are so many options. I appreciate all of your answers.
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I just use built in VNC server on both machines, and Jolly's VNC for the client. Mostly because I like the way it handles display resolution differences.
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