What kind of teeth should I purchase for halloween?
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Has anyone purchased vampire/werewolf teeth that they were satisfied with? I'm going as a werewolf for Halloween. I've grown my hair and beard out and would like to purchase some adhesive teeth as opposed to wearing a mask.

I'd like to know if anyone has purchased vampire or werewolf teeth that worked well. I don't think I want to do the 'over the gums' sets of teeth, but I'm not completely opposed to it. I'm leaning toward the adhesive kind because I think the 'over the gums' type may interfere with my speech. Thoughts, experiences, recommendations?
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I have a pair of vampire fangs I bought at Hot Topic, of all places, many years ago. They consist of two hollow, plastic fangs that go over my canines, and two pieces of wax. The first time you wear them, you put the wax in hot water to soften it, stick the wax in the hollow part of each tooth, and then stick them on your canines and let the wax harden again, so they mold to your teeth. Then, they slide right off and on any time you want to wear them. Sometimes they come a little loose, but you can adjust them with your tongue or finger. I've been quite happy with them whenever I've worn them.
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Vampfangs sells many different models, including retractable fangs and veneers. By the way. apparently there's a fair amount of flexibility regarding which teeth convert to fangs. For True Blood vampires, it's the laterals.
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I've heard these are pretty realistic...

Scarecrow brand fangs
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The pre-made fangs don't fit my teeth very well as one of my canines is quite crooked. I bought some off white Sculpey clay, formed it to fit comfortably on my teeth (very carefully as it is quite soft until baked) then simply baked it and used a small dot of denture adhesive to hold in place. It does take a few tries to get it right, but you can't beat the price for a tooth molded specifically to fit your teeth! You can purchase it at Walmart (if they still have a craft section) or Hobby Lobby, etc. The best part is the ability to control precisely how fierce or passive your fangs are.
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Seconding Scarecrow. You mold them to your teeth and they look real.
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