How To Install Replacement Glass For A Car Side Mirror?
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The glass of the right-hand side mirror on my car broke recently, and I was able to buy replacement glass online, but it did not come with any way to adhere it to the mount. The original glass had some sort of sticky backing. Any suggestions on what kind of adhesive to use or how else to install it?
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Go to a car parts store. Ask for 'rear mirror adhesive.'

Here's one.
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention that the glass has to adhere to plastic. That's glass-to-metal adhesive. The local car parts store didn't have anything to bond glass to plastic. I'll call an auto glass place I guess.
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glue advice
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3M VHB. VHB is for VERY HIGH BOND. Prep the surface with acetone or alcohol, apply VHB to plastic backing, leaving an exposed surface for the mirror to attach. Search YouTube for VHB to get a sense of why this is the perfect adhesive for the job.
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If you use non-mirror adhesive, you will be able to see the adhesive through the mirror because it eats through the backing on the mirror, FYI.

Make sure adhesive is mirror specific.
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I used Araldite (a 2-part epoxy) to reattach a car mirror to plastic and it worked just fine. I can't see the adhesive through the mirror.
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Response by poster: In the end, I went to another auto parts place and they had a suitable 2-part epoxy. Thanks for the suggestions.
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