What's the best prepaid option for travelling in Italy, Greece & Turkey?
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Cell phone carrier to use in Italy, Greece & Turkey?

We've been planning our dream vacation for over a year, and we leave shortly - however the one thing that I didn't account for was how I can stay connected while away. I'm not in a position to carry heavy roaming charges, so I thought I could buy a prepaid card in Italy for my unlocked blackberry and that would get me through.

My issue is that the internet is FLOODED with confusing information about what carrier to use, what plan to get, etc.

So mefites, have you ever bought a prepaid sim card for voice/data in Italy that will work in Greece and Turkey as well, and won't break the bank?
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i think it will be cheaper to buy a prepaid card in each country.. in italy tim is going to have the best connection speeds as they they own much more spectrum... and only offer flat rates to smartphone users. otoh you can be online all the time with wind but i doubt that's what you're after.
however data roaming will cost much more..
vodafone is present in all three countries but im not familiar with their offers.
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I always get a new sim in each country. Getting the correct APN info for each carrier in each country is a pain in the neck, but otherwise it has worked much better for me than the pre-paid sim cards that offer roaming coverage.
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In Greece this summer, I had a real pain finding a short-term cell phone plan with a decent data allotment.

If you're online all the time like I am, then I'd second 3mendo's mention of WIND. They have excellent 3G coverage in Greece, including the islands, and an essentially unlimited data plan for 14 euros/week.

I didn't try their coverage in Italy and Turkey, so I can't answer that.
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I keep saying this on MeFi, but it's such a useful answer: Maxroam.
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