WTH is going on with this wailing cat?
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I just saw this YT video in my FB stream & have no idea what is happening for the cat. Any ideas? It kinda looks scared to me.
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Judging by the pinned-back ears and giant eyes, I would guess that that is one terrified kitty
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The YouTube comments seem to suggest that the cat is seeing a child for the first time and freaking out because of it.
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We have a cat that makes similar noises when she's upset and scared. The cat in the video is nervous, scared, but wants to defend it's territory from a (terrifying) interloper. The arched back and flattened ears are the defense "I'm big and scary and prepared to fight" posture.

This is a kitty panic attack, but she's trying to be brave.
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We have an orange tabby that makes a similar sound right before it lobs up a hairball. Not saying that the cat is about to puke fur, but it's definitely a similar sound of distress.
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It seems to me to be mixed messages only because the cat's eyes do not remain fully dilated throughout the episode. Truly odd, though.
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Jelly is correct. The caption on the video from the original uploader is "She is meeting for the first time the small daughter of a friend."

Basically she saw a baby and it broke her tiny brain.
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Before reading the bit about meeting a small child, I was going to guess hair ball or impending epileptic seizure.
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Totally terrified. I'm surprised that the person who was petting him/her didn't get slashed to bits.
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