How can I find old episodes of Clean Sweep?
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How can I find old episodes of TLC's Clean Sweep?

I just found out from my neighbors that the house I am renting was featured in an episode of Clean Sweep. I have never watched this show, but I am curious to see it! According to people who used to live here, some features of the house were built by the crew of that TV show.

I checked out the episode guide on the website, and our house is the one in the episode called, "Teachers Learn a Lesson". However, I can't find the actual episode online or on dvd. Anyone have an idea of where I might find it?
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The older episodes with Peter Walsh are so much better than the newer ones. You have to create an account here to see iton Sidereel.
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Response by poster: I tried to make an account, but my browser is telling me the security certificate isn't trusted. I'll try again later. Thanks!
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sidereel doesn't seem to have source links for any of the episodes I looked at including Teachers Learn a Lesson.
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