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Is there a common English word or a technical term that names the process of taking a page or picture from the real world to the virtual? In other words, if I took a physical page and, with a scanner or camera, turned it into a file on my computer; what would you call that action?
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Taking a picture of a page is "Capture" and converting the page image to a document is called "Digitization".

"Digitization" is good enough for both of them and commonly used for both.
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Definitely digitizing.
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There are lots of words depending on the medium, audio and video are ripped, printed media and 3D structures are scanned, but yes, digitizing is the general verb. It refers to converting from the analog realm where everything is continuous to the digital, where it has been quantized into numerical buckets.
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Occasionally "importing", along with the other terms. For a printed page, I'd probably use "scan" or "digitize".
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I also came in to suggest "digitizing".
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I have heard and used "PDF" as a verb for scanning in a printed page -- as in "Can you PDF that for me?" and "I'll PDF it to you".
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I think the technical term is "document capture," although it's used more with scanners than cameras. Nobody in their right mind would try to use a camera in place of a scanner for production work (less extraordinary circumstances like book scanners, which can involve specialized camera/lighting gear).
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I work at a library and the department where we do this is called "Digitization."
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I worked with some VDR (virtual data room) guys, which is like the business equivalent of Google Books. They called it "importing" even if there was a scanner involved. But that was really a sales and marketing term. Printing or giving someone a PDF was called "reverse importing". As in "client requested QTA reverse import". Business people are strange.
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Digitize on Merriam-Webster
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Digitize me, Fred!
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Speaking in my professional role as a Digitization Librarian, I would use the word "digitize."
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Way back when I had a job making systems that did exactly this for various companies, we called it "document imaging."
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Making a digital copy works too.
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I'd call it scanning, since you're using a scanner. Even if you were using a specialized camera because whatever you have won't fit in a scanner, I'd still call it scanning.
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