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Where can I find non-ice wine Canadian (preferably from BC) in New York City?

I'm having some friends over next week for Canadian thanksgiving and I want to serve some Canadian wine, BC preferred, as a reminder of home. My Google skills are failing me and have only turned up an expensive bottle of red Mission Hill.

Any suggests on where I can find some in NYC?
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try wine-searcher.com
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Best answer: Specifically, use this search on Wine-Searcher which lets you search within five miles of a zip code. Wade through all the listings for Canadian Club Whisky (has anyone, ever, anywhere, had to look for a store that carried that?) and you'll see quite at least a couple listings from the highly recommended Astor Wines for non-ice-wine Ontario/Niagara rieslings, including Cave Spring, who is a good producer. I've never heard of Vino Fine Wine and Spirits (121 East 27th Street), but they have a 2008 Niagara pinot blanc. Ditto K & D (1366 Madison Avenue) with a 2007 Peller dry riesling. Those are kind of oldish for dry Canadian whites, though. If Canadian Thanksgiving is anything like the U.S., the Cave Spring off-dry riesling is your best bet, for sure.

Kind of disappointing that in the city where you can get the whole world delivered to your door that it is so hard to find non-icewine. I mean, the Niagara peninsula is practically a suburb of Buffalo!
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Best answer: City Wine Cellar in Staten Island has a Mission Hill Pinot Blanc for under $15. I personally avoid the BC Reds in favor of France, Italy, Spain, etc., but the whites here are awesome. Mefi-mail me if you're stuck and I'll ship you something. There are a hundred wineries here, and I live a stone's throw from Quails' Gate, Mission Hill, etc.
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If you want BC stuff, the best search term would be Okanagan. Of course, all that gets you is that expensive bottle of red Mission Hill. Huh.

I mean, the Niagara peninsula is practically a suburb of Buffalo!

Alas, New York gives us the Finger Lakes, where they produce the same Riesling as Niagara. Unfortunately, there's not much call to expensively import the same product from just up the street.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!

I've ordered some of the Mission Hill Pinot Blanc. I want to impress my American friends with the fact that yes we do make wine where I'm from in Canada. Now that I know how hard it is to get here in NYC I'll try to bring a bottle back the next time I go home.
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