Cached Wikipedia Vandalism
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Why does Wikipedia show an old article revision on my phone?

While looking up a quick fact about TNG today, I encountered a strange phenomenon. I went to this page from my Android phone (via Verizon 3G). I've never visited the page previously. There was some obvious vandalism (see this version) which I decided to log in from my computer to fix. Lo and behold, it isn't actually in the article anymore. Odd. So I refreshed the page from my mobile, and it still shows the vandalism (for a moment I thought it had been corrected in the time it took me to pull it up on the PC). Even if I view it in Desktop mode from my phone, or go into the history list and click on the newest revision manually, I still see the vandalized edit. However, if I compare versions I can see the most recent fixed article. So, what gives? Is Verizon caching Wikipedia pages?

Googling did turn up this vaguely related page.
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Best answer: I see the cached vandalism too, on my home desktop. Wikipedia's servers occasionally cache strange things, and then don't update until another change is made to the article. I made a small tweak to give the server cache a boot in the butt; try loading the page now and see if you see the correct version.
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Response by poster: Indeed. Thanks for the info.
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Best answer: WP:PURGE is the mechanism to take care of this.
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