Please show me real love
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Please show me real love

I know love is out there, I just haven't found it yet. Help me restore my faith.

A little background:
I was recently in a relationship and on the fence about things, trying to decide if I was settling with this guy and if I should continue with it or let it go. One afternoon I was watching some home search/home improvement show and I was (strangely) touched by this husband and how he spoke about his wife and what he wanted for her (in her kitchen, I think.) I know it was a reality type show, but this guy really spoke from the heart and it seemed like a pretty genuine moment. I thought, "Dammit! I want THAT! - I want someone to think about me like that!" It was so sweet all that he was saying about his wife and why she deserved this kitchen. It kind of touched me more than any romantic movie out of Hollywood ever has, and it made me realize what kind of real love is possible out there and that I was definitely settling in that current relationship, which I have since ended.

So it got me thinking that I'd like to see more examples of "real" love. Not Hollywood movie scenes, but real everyday moments captured on video that truly show love. Not looking for elaborately staged/planned engagement videos or wedding vow kind of things. Just your average sweet everyday real love kind of stuff - is it out there?

TL/DR: Please share with me your favorite real videos of love that people have shared on the internet.

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Any post by Taz about her husband which I can't fInd on my iPhone because it's convinced I want posts about "tax."

I'll keep trying because, yes, it's want you are looking for.
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Considerate people are high in empathy and ability, and they don't have to be a spouse either, they can be good friends. I'd say it's usually found in the long term dynamic, not the short term moments and those are hard to capture on video- a leaping off point of real people in history:
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The "Webcam 101 for Seniors" video is darn cute.
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I recently had a "Dammit! I want THAT!" * moment whilst watching a documentary called Australian Story - Love And Other Drugs.

"..a love story so unlikely it proves the adage that true life can be more incredible than fiction. Sally Nielsen is 25 and she's a wedding planner. When her own fiancée suffered a catastrophic stroke last year she stuck by him. Now her efforts have produced an amazing medical breakthrough."

Part One | Part Two | Transcript

* The love obviously, not the debilitating stroke.
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I love this video of Fran and Marlo Cowan playing piano in the Mayo Clinic atrium.
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This is not a video, but I think this collection of photos of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman still gets to what you're asking for.
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It's a movie, but you might try watching Once if you haven't seen it. It's perhaps the antithesis of a Hollywood love story — sweet and sincere without being cloying. And the two leads did fall for each other during the movie, so the emotion on screen isn't entirely fabricated.
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My husband and I have been married for a while, and the thing that really choked us up recently and that we feel is one of the best true-to-life portrayals of love and everyday life in a long good marriage, is, of all things, the portrayal of Carl and Ellie's marriage at the beginning of the movie Up. Someone has helpfully posted the relevant section on youtube. Whoever scripted that section really did it right.
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Not sure of youtube videos or the like, but the Coach/Tammi Taylor relationship in Friday Night Lights is a pretty great long-running example of this.
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I don't even know if these two people playing one guitar are even a couple, but it immediately came to mind when I read your question, and I hadn't even watched it in at least a year. Something about the teamwork and knowing-each-other involved touches my ideal of human love.
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From the Pixar "It gets better" video: There's a part where a man is talking about is husband and all he can think about are the three little steps up to the door each day when he gets to see him come home. I'm not expressing it well, obviously he does it better.
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Correction- it's nine steps and about the 5:30 mark in the video
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Not video, but I like this section of the book Boy Meets Boy, by David Levithan.

On the first day, I give him flowers and time. The night before, I unlock my closet of origami paper--over a thousand sheets of bright square color. I turn them all into flowers. Every single one. I do not sleep. I do not take breaks. Because I know that as well as giving him the flowers, I am giving him the time it takes to make them. With every fold, I am giving him seconds of my life. With every flower, part of a minute. I tie as many as I can to pipe-cleaner stems. I arrange bouquets and lattices, some topped by cranes. In the morning, I garland them throughout the halls, centerpiecing it all at his locker, so he'll know that they're all for him. Every minute, every crease is a message from me.

On the second day, I give him words and definitions. This isn't to say I talk to him--no, I don't do that at all. Instead, I start a list of the words that I love--
--and then I add definitions--
resplendent - shining brilliantly
giddy - lighthearted and flighty
trollop - an untidy or immoral woman
Soon I decide to look randomly through the dictionary to find other unique words and definitions...

On the third day, I give him space. It's Saturday, and I decide to leave him alone. I put a letter in his mailbox wishing him a good day. I don't want to overwhelm him with everything. I also want to give him (and myself) time to think.

On the fourth day, I give him a song. Zeke has come down to the dance hall because he's going to favor us with some tunes for next weekend's dance... We call up to the bedroom. Claudia comes to the door, shoots us an evil glare, then says Noah is in his studio. We prevail upon her to get him. Finally he comes to his bedroom window. Zeke's voice fills the air with sweetness.

On the fifth day, I give him film. I use money I've saved to buy twenty rolls of film, some of them black-and-white, some of them bright outdoor color. On the top of each container I write a word from a quote I'd found from an old photographer. "Whether looking to mountains or studying the shadow of a branch, it is always best to keep your vision clear." In order to give the film to Noah in a creative way, I need willing accomplices. Tony, Infinite Darlene, Amber, Emily, Amy, Laura, and Trilby are more than happy to help. Even my brother gets into the act, offering to be a delivery boy after I tell him my plan. Each accomplice gives him the film in a unique way. Tony starts it off by calling Noah's cell phone and leaving a riddle that leads him to the first roll, which I've left sitting atop seat 4U in the school auditorium. Infinite Darlene makes fake-fur stoles for her containers and delicately hands them over throughout the day. Amber creates a Kodak-sized slingshot and fires the rolls into Noah's bag when he's not looking (and sometimes when he is.) Emily and Amy draw faces on their canisters and give them to Noah as a family unit. Laura places the film in mysterious places where she knows Noah will find it (like stuck to the bottom of his desk.) Trilby paints her canister the school colors. My brother, bless his heart, simply walks up to Noah and says, "Here, my brother wanted me to give you this." Perfect.

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The story of Dannie and Annie
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Not a video, but you seem to be ready to apply positive intention to your relationships, if you're into/believe that sort of thing. It really does help bring about positive changes in your relations to others... case in point, I had been in quite a few relationships that weren't right for me, then I did the exercises in this book, and I'm now happily living with the boyfriend I met just a few months after finishing the book. I know, it's cheesy, but I really mean when I say it works!

The book is called "Meeting your Half Orange".

Amazon link here:

Also, the preview is available via Google Books here:
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First thing that pops to mind is the music video for First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes.
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Not video, anecdotal. It's real. My mom stayed at home, my dad went off to work every morning. Every evening at 5:30 like clockwork my mom stopped what she was doing and went up to the bathroom to "freshen up" before he came home, for like, their whole life together. After 49 years of marriage, my dad died suddenly, and my mom died six weeks later of a massive heart attack -- literally a broken heart.
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My daddy wakes up early every morning not only to get his chores done, but also to make sure my mama's coffee maker is all set up and ready to go so she has fresh coffee before school each day. It is one of the sweetest things I've ever, EVER seen, and to me, it is love in its purest sense.
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Not a video - just look in a mirror. If you don't feel real love, start working on that, the rest will follow naturally.
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I love this video of Fran and Marlo Cowan playing piano in the Mayo Clinic atrium.

Dangit, I just saw this question and was coming in to post that.
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