Audio Blogs; do they exist?
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Hello Mefi, I've recently discovered SoundCloud (!!!1) and its mobile application. Since, I'm trying to figure out a way to make use of it for a blogging platform. Say, random street-reports, or such. Do you know any Audio Blogs that don't deal with music, but with verbal audio bits? Reporting of some sort? Thanks!
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It's called podcasting, and there are thousands of them.
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I'm not talking about podcasting; more of a random reportage genere.
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say, 5sec posts. The audio parallel to tweet.
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I dunno, but just thought if not it would be possible to do use a video blog and have blank visual.
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This is a bit where radio folks are moving. Check them out; they're working on a new project.
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AudioBoo might do what you want: it's a platform for recording audio and posting it to Twitter, blogs, etc. It can also be integrated into WordPress pretty easily.
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You can set up a tumbler blog so that you can call in and leave voicemails on it.
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Or you can post directly to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook from the Soundcloud iPhone/Android app. There's probably a way to automatically generate posts in other CMSs based on your Soundcloud uploads, but I can't work one out at this very moment.
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Several of the running podcasters do it. They'll record quick soundbites while out on a run or just after a race and then share them to a blog or Facebook.
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