Where can I find a clean personal website template?
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Help me find a suitable web template for a high school student personal page...

I am looking to create a website that will host a list of my activities, interests, in an informal resume style.

I also want to post my most recent on-goings in a blog style, so people can get a glimpse of who I am... specifically college admissions officers.

I'd like to find a template that is very clean austere, and HTML. My favorite is this one.

Would I be wrong in copying that template, and plugging my own information in?

If so, can you help me find one that is very similar, and on-the-cheap?
I use Frontpage 2003 to edit my websites.

Thank you in advance.
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First and foremost I would ditch Frontpage as it produces awful code that is hard to maintain and it is way past its sell-by date anyway. Instead I'd recommend hosting your own WordPress blog with your own domain name. You should be able to find a suitable template as a starting point amongst this lot - they appear to meet your criteria and are FREE.
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Something that simple (and that's a good impulse to have a simple page, I think) wouldn't be that hard to do by yourself, and as a plus, you'd have "HTML and CSS" to add to your resume.

See if you can get a copy of Head First HTML and I promise you, by the end of the book, you'll be able to do something like that by yourself.

It's written for an absolute beginner and you'd be able to knock it out in a weekend and never have to use terrible Frontpage ever again.
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Best answer: Why not write this yourself...? It will take you no time at all to learn the HTML required for a clean-looking basic page.
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Definitely teach yourself how to code a simple webpage! Very useful and of course then you can add it to your skillset.
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To be very clear, if you use Wordpress (or Posterous or other blog platforms), you don't need to use any html editor because creating and updating pages is done by filling in web forms. And to select or change the theme, you look at thumbnails, click a button to try it out, and move on to the next one if you don't like that one.

For something as simple as this, you don't need anything more than Wordpress, and it has some beautiful, austere, and FREE themes (i.e., "templates"). And Wordpress is so often recommended because you can tweak it so that it looks less like a blog and more like a commercial site, if you so choose.
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I would really suggest you take a look at WordPress or another blogging/CMS platform. I'm not a huge fan of WordPress but honestly anything thing is better than Frontpage(didn't even know people still used that?), if you don't want to/can't just code something yourself.

Shouldn't be hard to find a nice minimalistic theme for whatever CMS/blog platform you choose. Google will give you many to pick from.
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Nth-ing wordpress. Google "free minimalist wordpress themes" and I'm sure you'll find something up your alley. Plus you can get free hosting at wordpress.com (with a few caveats) and it's the perfect way to get your feet wet. Wordpress can be as simple or advanced as you wish, so it's a great place to start off and built on top of.
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Best answer: Just to give you another option, Google Sites will do this, and is also free.
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Best answer: Like everyone else has said, if you want clean austere HTML, just make your own. The page you linked to is simply and would be pretty easy to duplicate without any special trickery or advanced skills.

Part of the fun of having your own website (at least for me) is building it yourself. Heck, my own personal site runs on a custom web server that I wrote myself. Sure, nobody else does this, but I thought it was fun. Plus, knowing HTML is a skill that is useful across a wide variety of fields now, just being able to put it on your resume will be useful.

And I don't know if maybe you're applying to very specific low-enrollment elite colleges or something, but in general, college admissions officers aren't going to read your blog to help in making a call on whether to admit you.
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