Sing a Song of Cephalopods
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Sing a song of cephalopods - help me find music inspired by or about octopus, squid, cuttlefish, nautilus, ammonites and more.

October 8 is Cephalopod Awareness Day. To mark the occasion, I'd like to compile a playlist of music that is about or inspired by cephalopods. Here's what I have to start with:

Jonathan Coulton
-I Crush Everything

-Octopus's Garden's_Garden

Carne Cruda
-El Pulpo
-The Squid

Goon Squad
-Eight Arms to Hold You

2 foot yard

Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones
-Octopus I love you

Tomorrow's Cavemen
-Squid's Song


Songs To Wear Pants To
-Cephalopod Love Song

I'd prefer to find more songs with lyrics about cephalopods, but instrumental is OK too. Kid's songs are OK too, but more interested in the kind of cleverness that Jonathan Coulton and 2 foot yard deliver.

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Response by poster: Songs about legendary cephalopods are cool too. Cthulhu fthagn!
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Oddly enough, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets don't have as many blatantly squiddy songs as I would have guessed, although there are a few. (If you count Innsmouth denizens as tentacled, there are more.)
A Marine Biologist is about, uh, a marine biologist who studies squids.
Some of their older songs, like Jimmy the Squid, and Flee, have squid/Cthulhu lyrics.
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If Cthulhu counts, then I happen to be very fond of Hey There Cthulhu.
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Octopus by Syd Barrett.
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I knew Robyn Hitchcock wouldn't let me down:

Victorian Squid
Underwater Moonlight
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I have reservations about this, but Squid Girl.
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Title track of Ween's The Mollusk.
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Squid Lord - The Fall
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I have a song about banana slugs, too, if anyone finds it useful...
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Go through the Pharyngula archives. PZ Myers is a cephalopod fanatic and often posts squidly themed music.
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Giant Squid - The Ichthyologist. One track from it.
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Paper Moon, "Your Attitude Towards Cuttlefish". I think this is only available on the Japanese import version of 1000 Reasons To Stay, 1 Reason To Leave, but it's a good song.
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Vinicio Capossela's recent Polpo D'Amor.
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Uncle Outrage - Octopus Angel
Van Der Graaf Generator - Squid/Octopus, Part 1 & Part 2
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We Are The City - Peso Loving Squid
Voltaire - To The Bottom Of The Sea
El Guapo - Ocean & Sky
Romak & the Space Pirates - That's Right
Clutch - Release The Kraken
Tourniquet - Architheutis (not sure what brand of metal this is...)
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Response by poster: Many thanks to the suggestions so far. Still listening through them all.

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Response by poster: Shel Silverstein's Underwater Land (kids music)
-Captain Octopus
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Response by poster: Flogging Molly's
-Cruel Mistress

andrew bird
-lull (animated giant squid)

Rather Good
-Eric The Squid Spinner
-Merry Squidmas
-Nazi Squid (rather weird)
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Billy the Squid by Tom Chapin
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Ogham Waite and the Amphibian Jazz Band, "My Slimy Cephalopod", from the LP Live at the Gilman House.
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Here's a ballad of the deceased psychic cephalopod Paul the Octupus sung by Parry Grip.
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Response by poster: Thanks again everyone.

-Giant Squids
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Classic The Wiggles song: Henry the Octopus.
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RJD2 - Giant Squid, she said, several days afterwards.
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