Problems Making Accessible PDF from Multiple Word Docs
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I need to make an accessible PDF from multiple Word documents but the product keeps failing due to bad structure tree. Why, and how can I quickly fix it?

I have 25 or 30 Word documents, each containing various tables and hyperlinks and with a total length of about 200 pages, which needs to be turned into an accessible PDF file. Elements from the documents have been cut and pasted together so much that it's difficult to know from which file each segment originated. Could this have something to do with the structure tree problem? Do I need to start fresh or is there a way to correct the problem in Acrobat? Please help– my job is on the line!

I'm on a Mac.
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Well, there's an easy way to make a single PDF from multiple pages on a Mac, but I don't know if this will solve your structure tree problems. It's worth a try:

Open all the pages in Preview, then select them all in the sidebar. You can reorder pages in the sidebar by clicking and dragging them.

Then choose Print Selected Pages from the File menu. Choose Save As PDF from the print dialog dropdown (lower left corner) and you should have a single PDF containing all documents.
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