Good Sydney Gynecologist?
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good gynecologist in Sydney?

My girlfriend is fed up with her gynecologist (most recently because he didn't mention copper IUDs when she asked if there were any non-hormonal BC methods other than condoms) and is looking for someone new. Does anyone have a gynecologist they'd recommend? Close to Newtown is a bonus, but she'd be willing to travel for someone special.
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Most special guy in the world is Gil Burton at North Shore Private Hospital. That's St Leonards but he really, really, really is worth it. I used to work in the industry, believe me, he's worth it. Ph 9460 8766
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I got my copper IUD at the Preterm Women's Health Clinic. They were great. The gynaecologist there initially tried to steer me towards a Mirena, but after hearing my reasons he agreed to insert a copper Multi-load and was very professional about it. The insertion was bulk-billed but I had to pay around $75 for the IUD itself. If your girlfriend just wants an IUD and doesn't need ongoing gynaecological care, Preterm may be a good option. (They're primarily a contraception/abortion clinic so it's maybe not the best place for managing longer-term gynaecological problems).
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Sorry, I should have been more clear - the short term need is for an IUD insertion, but she's hoping to find a doctor for the longer term as well. Thanks so much.
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We've had a 3 year relationship with Dr. Steven Tan, he's seen us through good and bad.
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I'm currently seeing Dr Chris Hunter who is based at NSPH. So far he's been wonderful and I guess we'll see the end result in a month when I give birth! My GP has nothing but praise for him as well. In her words, he's the doctor other doctors go to. Her and all her doctor friends have him deliver their babies because in their eyes he's the best. It was good enough for me.
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