The eerie side of Patsy Cline?
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MeFites, A long time ago I was playing trivia in a bar and in between rounds one night this dark, almost minimalist country song played. I'm reasonably sure it was a Patsy Cline song. It was in a minor key with a theramin or possibly backup singers (or both!?) providing eerie accompaniment to a very catchy tune. I'd heard it before so I assume it's well known, but it's not on her greatest hits. Any ideas what the title might be?
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Could it be Peggy Lee, Is That All There Is?
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Cat Power- Sea of Love? It's eerie, catchy, and at least the original is from the same time period as Patsy Cline. But not country.
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Both good songs, but unfortunately not the one I (can't quite) remember. This song is unmistakably country and may even have the up down up down sort of rockabilly bass line.
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As another random stab at it, how about Mazzy Star, "I'm Sailin'"?
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Neko Case Furnace Room Lullaby?
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Why do you think it's patsy cline? Here's another wild guess - ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry.
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This probably isn't it but the first thing that came to mind was this cover of Lonesome Town.
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Walkin' After Midnight by Madeline Peyroux?
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Are you sure it isn't I Love You So Much It Hurts? I've always found that one a tad creepy...
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Look into some of KD Lang's older albums. She did a lot of Patsy Cline in the early years and many were played on the airwaves.
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When I think of haunting covers of Patsy Cline, the 1st thing that springs to mind is Margo Timmins' cover of Walkin' After Midnite
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In a minimalist (acoustic?) country tune, the ethereal instrument you heard was probably not a theremin but a singing saw. I don't have any guesses about what specific song you heard, but I hoped this information might be helpful in your search.
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Cowboy Junkies Misguided Angel
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drzz, you devious bastard! What a great way to fill a playlist! (Mine, if not yours...)
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Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby, from O Brother Where Art Thou?
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I know, right? Lots of music to check out.
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