Any study spaces near Somerville MA open late at night?
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Are there any public libraries or study spaces in or near Somerville MA that stay open pretty late at night?

I live near Porter Square in Somerville MA and I cannot find any nearby libraries (open to the public) that stay open late at in 10 pm or so. Somerville Public Library Central branch is a short walk for me, but they close at 8pm M-TH and 6pm on F. Weekend hours are short.

Or, are there any quiet public spaces I could study in for hours at a time? It would be a plus if they have WiFi.

I have Somerville permit parking so I could drive if needed but I prefer being able to walk.
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As of 2009, you didn't need an ID to get into Tisch library at Tufts until after 1 am (they close at 9 on Fridays and Saturdays, though). If they've changed that, the campus center (which has plenty of tables) is open until 1 every night.
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I came to say Tisch. Tisch has (or had, at least, in 2004) a 24 hr study space, but that might be students only? Worth a check though.
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The main Cambridge Public Library isn't too far and it's got wifi and is open til 9 M-Th. Tufts libraries are open way late but I don't know if they're available to non-students and pretty sure the wifi isn't. The Lesley University Library is right near there and I'm pretty sure you don't need a student ID though you might want to check.
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There are always people studying in the second floor cafe at the Harvard COOP, open until 10pm. 1369 Coffee House in Central Sq. (so T-able) is also open until 10, and until 11 on Friday and Saturday.
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Yeah, Tisch has a late-night study room that is open until 6 am (it's to the right of the front door, and they don't usually check ID), and the rest of the library is open until 1 and never checks ID. Ginn (also Tufts - Fletcher grad school) is also open until 1, and definitely doesn't check ID. No guest wireless at any of the above afaik, but I think you can get guest internet access through the desktops maybe...? Don't tell anybody else about Ginn, though; when the library is crowded with undergrads (especially during exams) that makes us homicidal enough.
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1369 Coffee House in Central Sq. has the best damn coffee.
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Good luck finding seats at 1369!

My vote is for Tisch or Ginn at Tufts. No guest wireless - which may be a good thing depending what you're working on, and there are usually desktops you can use.
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Hop the T to the MIT student center. There are a bunch of places around there to study.
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