Help Me Find This Clock
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Please identify this modern yellow clock. I have two pictures.

Here are the two images from a post made in August 2011 from blog Desire to Inspire: one and two.

It is a modern yellow clock (yellow face, yellow hands, no numbers). From the two images, which were taken at different times, I think that the clock dial may move along with the clock hands.

Any information on this clock or finding one similar to it (in that it moves like I describe; I'm not looking for a yellow clock, but I'm fascinated with finding out if this clock works like I'm picturing) would be helpful.

The blog post pictures are of a house in Australia and are showcasing furniture by an Australian design team (which does not make clocks). I realize I could email the blog and ask them to contact the homeowner about the clock. However, I am primarily interested in finding out more about the design of it, and MeFites are often good at pinpointing this kind of thing quickly. So thanks for that suggestion in advance, and I will go that route if this one proves unfruitful.
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Best answer: I'm not sure why you think the clock dial moves. I think it's much more likely that the clock face is concave (conical).

It might just be a one-off clock design. It wouldn't be difficult to construct something like this - clock mechanisms are cheap, and creating the face and hands would be pretty straightforward for someone with reasonable craft skills.
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Best answer: It's made by Zuster in Australia, according to this blog post. You have to scroll down. Here's Zuster's site.
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Response by poster: I did search the Zuster site- I guess the clocks aren't available anymore from there, so that is why I didn't find them. Looks like they are just concave and the shadows were producing the effect.

I am sad that the real clock doesn't match my fevered imagination.
*Charlie Brown sigh*, oh well.
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After seeing iconomy's link - for sale at Diamantini & Domeniconi Mozia Wall Clock if you want to see for yourself (and you have $135 and $55 for shipping). Or I guess you could contact and see if they know how it operates.

Here are the clock details as listed by the site: "Coloured Mediterranean abstraction for the new wall clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi: a large but thin aluminium sheet holding hour and minutes hands, combined with an unusual ratio. Full and solar synthesis that turns time into an aesthetic experience."

And a fancy print sheet here.
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That blog post is wrong, or perhaps Zuster made something similar to Italian Architect Giovanni Levanti. cashman found the link I was about to post, and MyMarca also has some for sale.

Here are some still images and here's a video of someone holding the clocks for a sense of scale and dimension, from which you could make your own (ignore the end product, but look at how to dis-assemble a mass-produced clock and remake it as you wish).
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