A DAB unit that isn't there...
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I recently inherited a great sounding and incredibly attractive old AM/FM tuner/amplifier. Can anyone recommend an unobtrusive DAB unit I can connect to the AUX? (UK)

I've tried the normal Amazon/Google searches, but all component systems seem to be designed to be seen, and that's the exact opposite of what I want...

The unit is a lovely old fashioned system (allegedly tube driven, but I've never opened it) with a fantastic illuminated front, so I want something as unobtrustive as possible. If anyone can recommend a system I can hide in a cupboard and control by remote (without seeing the display) or control via an android device, then all the better.

I want something that will provide DAB. Internet or DNLA would be nice to haves but are by no means essential.
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I'm not familiar with the terminology - What is a DAB? :) Can you name examples? I'll ask some knowledgeable friends.
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DAB on Wikipedia for my fellow Yanks. It's a system for broadcasting digital audio over the air that we don't have here, though now I wish we did.
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I'm sorry that I cannot be of help, but I'd sure like to see a photo of this unit, sounds lovely.
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That's difficult: if you're prepared to sacrifice the remote control, then perhaps a portable unit with a mains adapter and mic out that you just hide behind the old receiver -- DAB radios get pretty small these days. Or perhaps something complementary and old-fashioned in its styling that wouldn't look out of place on display, like the Roberts Revival?
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Can I request a picture of the item the OP is referring to? Completely selfish curiosity here but don't see how it could hurt to have an image...
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This chap has made a hidden solution for DAB in his car which might be right up your street. Seconding request for vintage hifi porn!
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If you've got some linux expertise (or are willing to learn), you could use a small embedded device like the Pogoplug, a tiny computer that runs linux. You could run MPD on it to play music, easily controllable by an android app.
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I don't believe the Pogoplug has any hardware to receive radio frequency broadcasts.
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