Remap Keys on OSX Lion?
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On my Mac I use the software EyeTV and it requires me to hold Shift + Command + C to take a screenshot. That is an annoying screen combination--is there any way I can create a macro or remap the keys? Either in EyeTV, OSX Lion, or some other add-on software so I can just press, for example, space? Or Command+Z or some such?

EyeTV seems to not have any key mapping in Preferences, and my Google-fu is failing in finding any way to "hack" the software to remap the I'm thinking my solution needs to be some type of software add-on to remap. But again Google hasn't shown me anything that I trust to download. Recommendations needed. Thanks in advance!
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Snapz Pro X. Not free, but it is the canonical screen-capture app for OS X.
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Did you try remapping using the built-in key remapping in System Preferences > Keyboard? It will let you change the shortcut for anything as long as it is available in a drop down menu.
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Why can't you just use the built in OSX keys? Command-Shift-3 takes picture of your entire screen. Command-Shift-4 gives you some crosshairs to select just the part of the screen you want.
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Yeah, what you want is exactly what BCWinters said. If you're on 10.6 or 10.7, you should find this under the keyboard preference pane. There's a 2nd tab, called keyboard shortcuts. The baking using it is this: added just for your specific application, and make sure you typed the menu name exactly, including capital letters.

I would never assign the spacebar by itself–use some modifier, although, most of the common modifiers that utilize the space key are already taken.
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Have you tried Grab (in the Utilities folder)? Can you remap keys or use Automator for that?
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